Geenunginy Bo Residence

Situated on Noongar Wadjuk land, Geenunginy Bo (place of looking a long way) is a solar passive upper storey addition to a 1970s brick and tile residence. Located only 200 metres from the beach in the northern suburbs of Perth, the new addition has been design to maximise access to cooling, summer sea breezes and northern winter sun, while also capturing ocean and inland views.

As part of the renovation works, the external brick walls of the existing ground floor have been retrofitted with blow-in cavity insulation, while the windows have been replaced with thermally-broken aluminium framed and double-glazing. The original rear pergola (that used to be a dark and cold in winter) has been converted to a solar pergola, allowing winter sun to enter and warm the ground floor living area.

The timber-framed upper storey addition has high, raked ceilings and also incorporates recycled brick around the stair for extra thermal mass. Windows and glass sliding doors have been strategically positioned and carefully shaded to capture winter sun and ocean views, without compromising thermal performance.

The addition also has its own private entrance, providing the option for it to be used as self-contained accommodation – or COVID self-isolation when necessary!

Other eco-effective design features include:

  • Recycled WA Blackbutt timber flooring
  • Recycled feature brickwork for additional thermal mass
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures, taps  and shower heads
  • Natural daylight supplemented by energy efficient LED lighting
  • Strategically positioned louvre windows to enhance natural and cross ventilation
  • Thermal broken aluminium window frames with double-glazing
  • New low solar absorptance metal deck roof to existing ground floor
  • R5.0 insulation batts and reflective foil insulation to the roof
  • Timber-framed external walls with R2.5 insulation batts
  • Deciduous planting and trees to garden to provide shading in summer
  • Big Ass ceiling fans
  • 6.6kw solar PV system


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