Changes to hourly rates

I’ve been running my own practice since 2013, and for the past six years my hourly rates haven’t changed; we’ve worked really hard to keep our overheads low and ensure we are providing great value for money with our service. READ MORE

NCC Energy Efficiency Compliance Checklist

This checklist has been produced to assist building and construction industry professionals to determine if satisfactory information and evidence has been provided to demonstrate that a Class 1 and/or 10a building satisfies the energy efficiency performance provisions of the National Construction Code 2019 edition Volume 2.READ MORE

Confessions of a NatHERS assessor

In addition to being an architect and consultant that specialises in eco-effective building design, I am also a NatHERS accredited assessor. NatHERS refers to the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme, which is used throughout Australia to rate the thermal performance of residential buildings. READ MORE

Q&A: Design Advice for an Outdoor Living Area?

Q: We’re looking to build a new outdoor entertaining area applying passive solar techniques. We want to make sure that it doesn’t get too hot in summer – would a whirlybird in the roof help? We also like lots of winter sun for warmth, but also want the area to be covered and dry. Any design ideas or advice?READ MORE


8 STAR vs 6 STAR

So obviously an 8 star energy efficient house will perform better than a 6 star one. But by how much?  READ MORE