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Henry Little



When the environmentally conscious owners of coffee shop Henry Little decided to open a new premises in Yagan Square, Sid Thoo was contracted to help design the space using eco-effective principles.

Retail lease agreements commonly state that retail spaces must be refurbished every 5 years, which can create a lot of waste both in terms of materials and  embodied energy. It’s frequently overlooked, but a key principle to achieve a more sustainable building design is to simply maintain or restore existing structures as much as possible. 

Accordingly, the shop was designed using a neutral and simple palette that doesn’t date, so the minimal fitout could be easily adapted and withstand the test of time.

Completed in March 2018, quality finishes and hard wearing surfaces were implemented throughout to ensure their greatest possible longevity within the busy shop.

Eco-effective design principles include:

  • Minimal fitout to ensure longevity
  • Neutral and simple palette that withstand dating
  • Quality finishes
  • Hard wearing surfaces

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