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The Siding

Located at 84 Rutland Avenue in Lathlain, The Siding is a diverse mix of seven townhouses and apartments, situated in close proximity to Victoria Park train station. The project is the result of a collaborative effort with the award winning Green Swing team. It represents another step along a continuing journey to design and build more sustainable communities and neighbourhoods in inner city Perth.

Eco-effective design features include:

  • Located within walking or cycling distance to amenities, shops and restaurants, helping to reduce dependency on cars and minimise transport costs and environmental impact
  • Minimum 9.0 star NatHERS rating to all dwellings
  • Integrated loft areas in roof space helps provides additional habitable space in a small building footprint
  • Clustered design of dwellings to improve passive surveillance and create central shared outdoor spaces, while still maintaining individual privacy
  • 1.5kW renewable solar energy system to each dwelling
  • solar hot water system to each dwelling
  • optimum orientation and shading for solar passive performance
  • exposed thermal mass with wall and roof insulation for thermally efficient building construction
  • energy efficient appliances, low energy lighting and energy monitoring systems throughout
  • eTool Gold life cycle assessment – this development represents a 60% embodied and a 91% operational carbon reduction compared to a typical residential development
  • Intergated rainwater harvesting that automatically switches between mains water and tanks
  • Low water use native vegetation and productive gardens
  • Winner of several HIA and MBA awards for sustainability and waste management

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