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Indoor Air Quality

Q+A: Retrofitting and Air Quality Advice

We are in a 1907 double brick federation house on a limestone foundation with a badly built 1980s extension on a concrete slab at the back. It has badly sealed doors and windows (single glazing), limited window fittings, two electric fans venting into the attic.

We initially put Rockwool in the attic and foil under the tin roof. Currently, we are contemplating cavity wall insulation in and closing air vents at the top of the wall, before we consider upgrading the windows (which we expect to be more expensive).

Does this sound like the right order in which to do things? 

Separately, we are concerned about the air quality of the house due to recurring sore throats and unwellness. Are you able to provide any advice on this?

If you have already installed insulation and reflective foil under the roof, it is very likely that external wall insulation will be the next thing to do in order to improve the thermal performance of your home.

I agree that you should do this before upgrading your windows, as you will experience greater heating gains/losses through the walls because they typically represent a larger exposed surface area compared to the window area.

Indoor air quality is not my specific area of expertise, but your issue could be related to mould and condensation issues in your home. My sister used the following company to help with some issues she had with mould in her home:
If you use gas/wood heating in your home, or have a high level of dust/mites and/or particulates in your home, these can also contribute to health issues related to air quality. You may want to try using an air purifier in particular rooms to see if this helps.
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