Eco-effective design consultation

Eco-effective Design Consultation (email)

Send me your floor plans and I will provide detailed email feedback on how you can improve the eco-effectiveness of your design!

This design consultation is ideal if you are working with a volume or project home builder, and just want to have the design reviewed before you sign off on the design. You will receive a detailed email addressing eco-effective design considerations such as:

  • climate and solar orientation
  • selection of building materials and insulation
  • advice on window selection and sizing
  • shading and natural ventilation strategies
  • eco-effective technologies such as solar PV and rainwater harvesting

To get the best value from this design consultation, please provide me with a copy of the floor plans, elevations and builder’s specification. Once you have finalised your purchase please use the form on this page to provide me with additional information for your purchase. (This link will be emailed to you). Then, I will contact you by email to organise the details.