NatHERS for rennovations

Part 3: Under the Hood on NatHERS

This is Part 3 of a four-part educational series featuring the Undercover Architect Amelia Lee and eco-effective architect Sid Thoo on how NatHERS can be used as a design tool to optimise the thermal performance of your next build.

In this 80 minute seminar, Sid and Amelia look at how NatHERS tools can be used to improve the thermal performance of an existing home, using a real world example. Topics covered include:

  • What retrofits and upgrades can provide the best value of money
  • The detailed analysis tools available in NatHERS such as predicted temperature graphs
  • How the thermal comfort of an exisiting home can be substantially improved without spending $$$

You’ll get lifetime access to the seminar video and download, which also includes detailed slides with images, notes and checklists. The content of this seminar represents over $150 of value compared to a one-on-one design consultation.

For even better value, you can purchase this seminar as part of a bundle and save almost 50%!

Note: You can also get free access to this content if you are member of the Undercover Architect’s The Home Method online course with Amelia Lee. If you’re looking for a comprehensive course on building or renovating and how to avoid common construction pitfalls, Amelia’s course is for you!